I want to deepen our relationship with the moment
To plunge into where the light touches
On our faces, on our kisses, on our losses, on our joys, on our lives, on our world
Where time can both ripple out and fold in on itself
Like a wave that keeps going 
Below the surface
Where you cannot see it

I've been photographing events and people professionally ever since I graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in 2006. I didn't have a standard specialty. I leaned into working with people that I wanted to work for and with those who wanted me there to capture it. When I'm not photographing for hire, I'm out capturing people and the world around me on adventures and also by volunteering my skills in community and along values I care about. Aside from photography, I enjoy rock climbing, writing poetry, cooking, gardening, bike touring, and hosting couchsurfers from around the world.
Thank you!
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